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best of the best 2009...zoe saldana...

By Roberta Correia · January 4, 2010

Zoe Saldana what would 2009 fashion be without you? Sure I've followed your rise to fame since Center Stage and Guess Who? but most of the world didn't get to know you until the world wide promotional tour for Star Trek. And wow them you did with looks so incredibly stylish that they landed you on every best dressed list from here to Timbuktu. Alaia, Prabal Gurung (props on being the first to wear a dress from the then relatively unknown designer), Emilio Pucci and so on and so forth. And did she stop there? Hell no. Ms. Saldana kept the fashion party going in 09 with the promotional tour for Avatar - yes that would be her second major blockbuster of the year. For Avatar Zoe's tastes became even more sophisticated. Show stoppers included a mini Versace and a silver RM by Roland Mouret mermaid dress.

And that doesn't even count Zoe's endless red carpet appearances outside of the promotional circuit. The pseudo newcomer really made a name for herself with her ballerina like long legs and Audrey Hepburn like carrying of the neck - a perfect posture for carrying a dress from the most desired designers in town.

Ladies and gentleman we present you nominee number 1 for 2009's Top Gun...Zoe Saldana. We know 2010 will give us way more Zoe fashions, lucky for us she has at least one movie to promote (Death at a Funeral) and you know the Avatar DVD release will get a big red carpet to do.

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