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Best of the Best 2008: Rachel Bilson

By Roberta Correia · January 6, 2009

Yes, I'm a week behind everyone else. My apologies again, I've had no internet and no access to anything! So I'm finally getting through the best of 2008 so that I can stop living in the past and talk about 2009 already.

Only a couple left to go...and of course, what best of the best would be complete without Rachel Bilson? Sure we've seen her in some amazing red carpet numbers - Dior, Bryan Reyes and Chanel just to name a few.

But what we love most about Rachel is her personal everyday style. Always managing to look adorable, effortless and of course stylish (even at the airport)...Rachel definitely wins the award for most coveted wardrobe. What I wouldn't give for her little dresses, boyfriend jeans, blazers and minis.

Obviously It's Only Fashion is a bit biased, but no one can deny that little RBils is a strong candidate for 2008 Best of the Best.

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weekly roundup...who was your favorite?

By Roberta Correia · December 20, 2008

daily style...rachel bilson!

By Roberta Correia · December 16, 2008

Oh thank god! I was about to send a search party out for Rachel Bilson, she's been very MIA the past few weeks. 

She was back in all of her adorable glory last night at the opening of the D&G flagship in LA. 

Wearing a D&G (obviously) sparkly blue blazer, grey jeans, a basic white tee and black pumps - she was in her standard casual and effortless sophistication.

The orange clutch threw me off a little, but I'm so happy to see Rachel after a long absence that it doesn't qualify as bothersome. 

We missed you RBils, and here's hoping we are in for lots more appearances for the holiday season...

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Civic Duty Calls...

By robicor · November 4, 2008

Oh RBils... I mean, honestly - looking adorable even to vote, it's just not fair. 

She looks ready to attend to her civic duty in a very basic black dress and tights, but not foregoing fashion in her bright blue flats and standard wayfarers. 

I'm pretty jealous because for some reason New York decided not to give out "I Voted" stickers, and it was all I wanted...sigh. 

Proof that you don't need to forego style to make a difference.

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Daily Style...Rachel Bilson

By robicor · October 27, 2008

Oh to be wearing flip flops in late October! Rachel Bilson was out running errands (do celebs do things besides run errands?) in LA looking her usual perfectly put together yet extremely laid back (oh sweet flip flops how I miss you in the cold). Wearing an artsy print See by Chloe dress and her standard Ray Ban wayfarers, she looks her adorable Summer Roberts self. 

I know, I know, this may as well be called "we are obsessed with Rachel Bilson" blog...


It's a walk off... it's a walk off...

By robicor · October 15, 2008

I love seeing what some of the most stylish women in the world wear to get on a plane! It's a tough situation since you want to look cute and put together but at the same time comfortable - unless you're Posh in which case you just forego comfort altogether for 4 inch heels on a 10 hour flight. 

Three of our favorite fashionistas, and three different airport looks...both comfortable and effortlessly stylish. Clearly finding the balance between comfort and chic involves tight black pants or leggings, black boots and a grey scarf!  

Who do you think got it right???

Weekly Roundup...

By robicor · October 11, 2008

What a week? Markets went up and down like a roller coaster, candidates debated and Hollywood's starlets were still out and about in some pretty amazing looks.

Here are my top five of the week...Practically impossible to pick a favorite but give it a shot! 

What was your favorite look of the week? 

Daily Style...Rachel Bilson

By robicor · October 10, 2008

Oh RBils...we're so happy to see you looking effortlessly adorable again. 

She evokes dreams of Indian Summers by wearing a mini printed dress accessorized with black flat boots. 

Love the belt, love the ray bans - love everything. 

Sorry I know but I love this outfit...

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So much fashion so little time...

By robicor · October 10, 2008

There was too much fashion this morning to even being to think about posting these girls all separately!! 

Too much style for one morning? No such thing. Let's take a minute away from being glued to CNN's coverage of our world crumbling and check out some seriously hard news. 

After the jump - Rachel Bilson, Sarah Chalke, Liv Tyler, Vanessa Hudgens & much more!!! 


By robicor · October 6, 2008

phew! after last week's hat and tie disaster it's so great to see Rachel Bilson back to her adorable self. 

Rachel was in town (NYC) to promote her clothing line at Macy's in Herald Square - you bet I'll be there to pick up that yellow dress from her line asap! 

Wearing a blazer from her Edie Rose for DKNY Jeans collection, and skinny black pants - Rachel rocked some pretty serious Louboutin studded boots! I'm also a big fan of the floral scarf.

Welcome back RBils - we were worried there for a second 


More more more...of Rachel and her Edie Rose collection after the jump...

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