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The Big Time...The Oscars

By Roberta Correia · February 22, 2009

Ok, maybe it's me. Well, let me rephrase, it's definitely me. I would much rather see stars dressed in casual cocktail dresses or their everyday street wear than so overly dolled up at the Oscars. But we're here and there's a red carpet, and a lot of amazing over the top dresses. 

There was a lot of poof and drama when it came to the choices this year and the ladies were all extremely glamourous. It does seem like red and nude continue to be the "It" colors of the Award Show season doesn't it?

That all being said, I was not overly impressed with anyone's look. Oh wait, let me take that back for a second - it was amazing to see Natalie Portman in something so colorful and young. Other than my shock of seeing Natalie in pink, I was just a bit underwhelmed with the rest of the looks. Don't get me wrong - lots of sophistication and elegance, but I like something a little different and a bit fresher and young. (not happy seeing the ususally so fresh and so clean Vanessa Hudgens in something completely age inappropriate) 

But there's a lot of glamour so far, and that's what the public wants to see.

Check out the best of the best of the Oscars red carpet after the jump. 

Oh, and let me just say - I still miss Melissa and Joan Rivers, it's just not the same without them and I really want to tell Giuliana de Pandi to just shut up. 

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