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the golden (and emerald and pink) globes...

By Roberta Correia · January 16, 2011

the ladies who after party...

By Roberta Correia · January 22, 2010

sure the main event of globes night is the awards red carpet itself. but that didn't keep some of our favorite (uninvited to the big party) ladies from styling it up on the after party circuit...

i love gooolllllddddd.....

By Roberta Correia · January 19, 2010

Golden Globes: Disasters not averted

By Roberta Correia · January 12, 2009

To every up there must be a down. Sure I spent most of the day ooohing and aahhing over celebrity fashionistas and their genius stylists, but there's a dark side to the world of Golden Globe fashion.

There were two standouts in the disaster section and they were both shocking and disappointing.


Note to Blake Lively: just because you have a hit teen show it doesn't give you the power to wear a denim colored dress 2 sizes too small, inappropriately colored shoes, and hair like you just did it with Nate at the bar of a wedding. Come on S, we know you are young and fabulous but please dress the part. Take a cue from Vanessa Hudgens and I hate to say it but even Miley Cyrus and dress your age and size b/c this look is reminding me of Britney Spears circa 2007. 

Ms. Zellweger. i have no words. Are you the Sharon Stone of your generation? Because really, I just...no words. the hair, the neckline, the open shoulders, the nude colored bra, the Morticia Addams skirt?? Please take a cue from your Empire Records and Jerry Maguire self...

I hate to be mean but come on people...it can't be that difficult to look glamourous what with all the money, stylists, hair dressers etc etc

golden globes best of the best part 1...vote for your favorite!

By Roberta Correia · January 12, 2009

Ok it was near impossible, but I narrowed it down to 10 best dressed. 

So let's narrow it done to one from this group and one from the next, to see who your top two favorites are. 

Am I being terribly unfair? Did your favorite look not make it up here? Let us know!!

Golden Globe Indeed

By Roberta Correia · January 11, 2009

My first thought watching my E! Golden Globe Red Carpet Special (is it wrong that I miss Joan and Melissa Rivers?) was, wow, I have a lot to cover. My second thought; wow, that's a lot of gold, and beige and gold/beige toned dresses...

Interesting since lately it has felt like a sea of black dresses.

Are the stylists of Hollywood getting the memo that it's time to lighten up?

J.Lo (in a dress that made me sick with nostalgia for her green Versace dress from the late 90s), Demi Moore, Vanessa Hudgens, Amanda Seyfreid, Megan Fox (sadly sans the Notorious B.A.G.), Saint Angelina herself, Kate Beckinsale and Penelope Cruz all opted for tones that went according with the award...Golden.

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