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the golden (and emerald and pink) globes...

By Roberta Correia · January 16, 2011

super trends*: ladies in red...

By Roberta Correia · August 24, 2010


Holy red carpet batman!! Is it me or has the red carpet been extremely, um, red, lately? Seems some of our favorite fashionistas are trading the LBD for the LRD. Dare I say it? Red is the new black?...

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daily style: the eternal showdown...

By Roberta Correia · August 18, 2010

Ok, ok, yet another long absence, yet another long list of excuses, none of which I'll bore you with. Instead, I'll just offer you a showdown of epic proportions to make amends. A fashion face-off between Angelina and Jen is like the eternal struggle between good and evil, Darth Vader/Luke Skywalker, Jack/Locke, Danny Zuko and that dude he races in Thunder Road, Brenda and Kelly if you will. The former and current Mrs. Pitts both premiered movies on the same day this week. Angie with Salt in London and Jen with The Switch in LALA land. While Saint Angelina went for flowy, ethereal goddess - a very big change for the generally black clad Jolie - in silver Amanda Wakeley; girl next door Jen was showing off her  yoga'd physique in a two toned Lanvin.

Jen plays it nice and safe as per usual, going for universally flattering shapes and neutral tones - not to say the dress isn't lovely, she just looks like usual straight haired Rachel Greene. Like I said, playing it safe, she looks nice but nothing special.

Angie is for once channeling angelic sainthood. Now don't get me wrong, I love dominatrix Angie as much as the next gal, but seeing her looking so mother earth-like is just appropriate isn't it? A few gripes: Unlike Jen's figure hugging number, Angelina's is a big shapeless glittery sack. Not that I don't love that, but i wish it had been better tailored for her figure. Also, and this has been bothering me for months, there's something about that hair which is making me completely nuts - I think it might be how the bangs curl just slightly under, very 1980s, very old ladyish. Then again, where Jen sticks with her modern signature sleek do, Angelina always likes to do something that looks sophisticated, for a 70 year old. Get a straightening iron girl.

What do you guys think? Team Jolie or Team Aniston? Eh, at least Brad has a type - a slightly boring red carpet walker. Sidenote, I really want to see The Switch, well just because I have an eternal love of Michael Blooth.


daily style: angelina's salt style...

By Roberta Correia · July 20, 2010


Not that I wasn't beyond thrilled to see Brangie on the red carpet last night for the premiere of Salt, but something about this whole promo tour really has me irked. Mainly the fact that there was no promo tour. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Angelina Jolie's "Salt" promotional tour wardrobe. Not much to work with now is it? A few weeks ago she started out posing at a photocall in Mexico wearing a gorgeous white Versace strapless mini dress. And now, many moons later we get the second installment of Angie's Salt wardrobe - a black strapless sequined Emporio Armani mini dress.

Again, don't get me wrong, it's always nice to see the saintly couple strolling down that red carpet like they are Hollywood royalty - but I was disappointed. I expected more from our drop dead Angie - especially considering this is all we've gotten so far, and our Angie red carpet sightings are few and far between. Even Kristen Stewart gave us at least 10 pretty dresses to look at promoting Eclipse. Does this mean Salt's not being all that promoted because it isn't all that good? Because that would be disappointing too.

Thoughts on Angie's Salt style, or lack thereof?

best of the best 2009...diane kruger...

By Roberta Correia · January 6, 2010

No one quite made me go "sigh" in 2009 like Diane Kruger. And it wasn't just because a certain Pacey Whitter accompanied her on most red carpets. Ms. Kruger continued to make a name for herself as a constant red carpet do in throughout the year. Kruger's Inglorious Basterds promotional tour looks not only showed off some of the greatest designers fashion has to offer but managed to even outshine the great Angelina.

Doesn't hurt that the German born beauty had arm candy like Josh Jackson and Brad Pitt by her side throughout the year. But Diane managed to carry herself with the utmost class even while rocking some of the edgiest looks that had graced the runway. Modern, rocker, fashion forward, bohemian, romantic and classic - all words that could be attributed to Diane's 2009 style. In our book that makes her a grand winner amongst the style set. After all who doesn't like to change things up a little and play around with different styles! More Diane and Josh in 2010!

Disclaimer: while Diane's perfect red carpet looks were many - Marchesa, Chanel, Versace, Louis Vuitton, Lanvin, Jason Wu, Miu Miu to name just a few - it was virtually impossible to break it down to just a few so please forgive me if one of your favorites has gone missing.

holy star studded event batman...

By Roberta Correia · November 16, 2009

Is there a better way to get back into your good graces than giving you the inside scoop on who wore what at the MOCA 30th Anniversary event this weekend? Seems that anyone who's anyone, including the holy couple themselves - Brangie, was present to celebrate the Museum of Contemporary Art's big 3-0 (look at that we are almost the same age!). And what better reason to put on your pre-holiday party dress?

Weekly Roundup 8/14...Who Was Your Favorite??

By Roberta Correia · August 14, 2009

Daily Style: In-In-In, Inglorious...

By robicor · August 10, 2009

Now this is the Angelina Jolie we all know, and have a love/hate relationship with. Ms. Jolie showed up to support partner Brad Pitt, and hopefully squash those rumors of bad blood between them, at the LA premiere of Inglorious Basterds wearing a strapless black leather Michael Kors dress, with heels and jewelry by Dior. I don't know about you, but I like my Angelina black leather clad and dangerous. All she needs now is a vial of Brad's blood around her neck and we're good to go. Note to Jennifer Aniston's sweet French Braided February Oscar appearance, this is how you say "screw you world I'm the baddest bitch there ever was with or without Brad Pitt." 

More from the Inglorious Basterds premiere, aka Diane Kruger, after the jump...

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The Big Time...The Oscars

By Roberta Correia · February 22, 2009

Ok, maybe it's me. Well, let me rephrase, it's definitely me. I would much rather see stars dressed in casual cocktail dresses or their everyday street wear than so overly dolled up at the Oscars. But we're here and there's a red carpet, and a lot of amazing over the top dresses. 

There was a lot of poof and drama when it came to the choices this year and the ladies were all extremely glamourous. It does seem like red and nude continue to be the "It" colors of the Award Show season doesn't it?

That all being said, I was not overly impressed with anyone's look. Oh wait, let me take that back for a second - it was amazing to see Natalie Portman in something so colorful and young. Other than my shock of seeing Natalie in pink, I was just a bit underwhelmed with the rest of the looks. Don't get me wrong - lots of sophistication and elegance, but I like something a little different and a bit fresher and young. (not happy seeing the ususally so fresh and so clean Vanessa Hudgens in something completely age inappropriate) 

But there's a lot of glamour so far, and that's what the public wants to see.

Check out the best of the best of the Oscars red carpet after the jump. 

Oh, and let me just say - I still miss Melissa and Joan Rivers, it's just not the same without them and I really want to tell Giuliana de Pandi to just shut up. 

So much fashion so little time...

By Roberta Correia · February 8, 2009

Another crazy week. Sorry for the lack of postings this week but fashion week beckons yet again. 

As per usual loving Angelina Jolie in some not so basic black and Camilla Belle's very youthful choices. 

And between Isla Fisher, Rihanna and Ginnifer Goodwin - it's hard to say who worked out the red carpet the most this week promoting their movies/grammy's. 

Love Mrs. Borat and Ginnifer Goodwin (especially after just getting home from He's Just Not That Into You) sad about her and Oz though. Oh and as per usual it's lovely to see RBils out and about.

What do you think???

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