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super trends*: ladies in red...

By Roberta Correia · August 24, 2010


Holy red carpet batman!! Is it me or has the red carpet been extremely, um, red, lately? Seems some of our favorite fashionistas are trading the LBD for the LRD. Dare I say it? Red is the new black?...

more, more, more...

never been so impressed: the met costume institute gala...

By Roberta Correia · May 3, 2010

Forget the Oscars, Hollywood's truly most fashionable night is officially the Costume Institute Gala. I can only say Holy amazing red carpet Batman!!! I've never seen so many incredible dresses on so many insanely stylish women all in one place. Doesn't hurt that the inspiration was American style through the ages. I think all the ladies seemed to conquer it. Keep reading for some of my favorites. I don't think there's one that I can say did this year's MET Ball any wrong. It's unbelievable!

a trip down coachella memory lane...

By Roberta Correia · April 16, 2010

Ever wonder how Coachella became such a hyped up, fashioned music frenzy? Didn't it use to be just a chill music festival? In the same manner as Sundance, Coachella's now home to all sorts of red carpet worthy parties and sponsored gifting suites to accommodate the ever growing number of celebs attending the 3 day massive fiesta. Hey, not that we're complaining over here - Coachella, and other music festivals like it, have provided us with some of the new millennium's most covetable sartorial choices from the likes of Kate Moss, Sienna Miller, Nicole Richie etc etc... Let's face it, we all wish we had that festival chic look down. Apparently it consists of some super short denim shorts, either a boho top or a vintage rock tshirt and some form of headwear. Shall we take a stroll down memory lane before we start getting inundated with 2010 Coachella fashions?

Oh and I threw Kate Moss at Glastonbury in there just for good measure. Enjoy and dream Coachella dreams...

best of the best 2009...

By Roberta Correia · January 6, 2010

So let's get down to business! Who gets your vote for Top Gun honors of 2009? zoe, sienna, emma, ashley, diane or alexa?

best of the best 2009...sienna miller...

By Roberta Correia · January 4, 2010

Ok, so I know her morals tend to be a bit compromised. But I don't care. I find Sienna Miller to be absolutely beyond 100% fabulous. Her G.I. Joe tour, or as I liked to call it Sienna Fashion Month, took her all over the globe in some of the most stylish looks of the year. Isabel Marant, Alexandre Herchcovitch, Peter Pilotto and a slew of other designer looks accompanied her all over the world and put her back front and center on the fashion scene.

Seems her exploits outside of the red carpet took a backseat to not only her designer duds at the most high profile events of the year but also to her day to day looks while she navigated the streets of NYC during her Broadway stay. Giving us not only some ground breaking fashions but also some inspiring every day looks to try at home.

And am I the only one who's just thrilled about the Jude/Sienna reunion? Here's hoping she keeps the boho look coming back year after year.

so much fashion, so little time...holiday party time

By Roberta Correia · December 15, 2009

yet another attempt at making things up to you. i know, i know... i have no excuses...

you know it's the holidays when events all happen on the same night, yes that night was last week but let's take a gander anyway...

sienna miller: bag o.c.d.

By Roberta Correia · October 1, 2009

It's no secret round these parts that we're big Sienna Miller fans. We've been Sienna worshippers for years and are proud to admit that we've stuck through her even during the tough times, aka Balthazar Getty. Sure we've called Sienna's homewrecking ways out from time to time, but deep down we are in complete awe of her ability to create and revive trends. If it weren't for her we probably would have never started wearing big floppy hats and bohemian dresses in everyday life. Thankfully Sienna is now stateside and we can absorb all of her fashonista glory. And yes by that I mean she's crossed the pond to take on Broadway for a few and we've been lucky enough to have many Sienna sightings over the last few months to use as style inspiration. And we suddenly noticed Sienna might have a slight case of bag compulsion.

And ok, so she wore the bag once and we thought "oh wow Sienna's got herself a pretty serious and conservative new bag," twice and we thought "Sienna must have just gotten that bag and is flaunting it" and then came the fifth time in one week and we realized "everyone's going to be carrying a doctor bag now." And now it's two months later and Sienna's still hanging on to her Prada Saffiano & Tessuto tote for dear life. We love that she pairs it with casual everyday wear - which in her case goes from basic grey tanks to trendy floral dresses. The bag is so basic that it really just goes with everything. And we assume she's trucking scripts back and forth to the theater so she needs a roomy bag to do so. So what do you think? Do we see doctor bags in our future? Hey, if Sienna's doing it...

Weekly Roundup 8/21...Who Was Your Favorite??

By Roberta Correia · August 21, 2009

Sienna Fashion Week... Choose Your Favorite

By robicor · August 9, 2009

I guess it should go without saying that there is no competition for this week's best dressed starlet. 

Miss Miller's ever changing promotional looks ran circles around everyone else...now tell us, which was your favorite Sienna Miller G.I. Joe NYC Promotional Week look?

so much sienna, so little time...

By robicor · August 5, 2009
And yet more Sienna Miller fashion coming your way... Not that we're complaining, it's something to talk about, but we're starting to get a bit overwhelmed and having a hard time keeping up with Ms. Miller's ever changing wardrobe. What should we call this week? SMFW (Sienna Miller Fashion Week)? SiennaWardrobeGate? All Miller All The Time? But just in case you're getting sick of Miller Time, there's a little RBils and Jessica Szohr in there just for you...

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