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catching up: no cannes do...

By Roberta Correia · May 25, 2010

Sorry so late, but at least you get it all in one place right? Cannes has to be one of the most glamourous weeks of the year and the Hollywood set dresses to overly impress. The premieres, parties, galas et al.

Kate, Eva, JLo, Diane, RBils etc etc... after the jump.

Daily Style: Sienna Miller, Decisions, Decisions

By Roberta Correia · July 28, 2009

Ok, it's taken me 24 hours to post Sienna Miller's look from the G.I. Joe Tokyo premiere, as I'm still trying to make up my mind on how I feel about it.

On one hand the whole rock star thing is pretty fantastic, I love the mix of black and blue and Sienna's hair and make up are flawless. On the other, the outfit is kind of a big mess of sequin, shine and tapered pants and on a lesser fashionista it might have been quite the disaster; think about this look on someone like Megan Fox, in the words of Cher Horowitz "big old mess."

My personal belief is that Sienna is one of two people who could possibly pull off this shiny Gucci rocker suit, the other is the master of all fierceness Rihanna. But I'm still drawing an indecisive on this one. 

Now, while I will say she's stunning and the outfit definitely gives her the attention it's seeking... I don't know what to think. 

Won't you help me make a decision...

Heads the look is a keeper, Tails Sienna should be locked in a looney bin and stripped of her fashion icon status. 

You decide. 


weekly roundup...vote for last week's favorite!

By Roberta Correia · June 15, 2009

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