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i love the smell of fashion in the mid afternoon...

By robicor · July 30, 2009

Weekly Roundup 7/24...Who Has Your Best Dressed Vote This Week?

By Roberta Correia · July 24, 2009

Weekly Style: Rachel Bilson

By Roberta Correia · July 22, 2009

Is it me or was Rachel Bilson completely M.I.A. for about a month there? The month of July has been pretty much RBils less, and all of a sudden out of nowhere the petite fashionista appears! We've had not one but 5 sightings of little Rachel and her adorable style this week. And it's only Wednesday...

Hmmm curious isn't it? Me thinks the peeps at InStyle must have called Rachel up and said, "listen we love your column and it's great but you need to get your summer booties on and get back out there where the razzi can photograph you"... Well I'm not complaining either way, it's been a while since some good Bilson looks came our way and she's making up for lost time. Especially in that black Helmut Lang jumper. And if you look carefully Rachel is carrying a shopping bag labeled BPCM in that picture, my alma matter if you will!! Bismarck Phillips Communications & Media on the arm of Rachel Bilson!!! That just puts a smile on my face!

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so much fashion, so little time...Chloe Sevigny, Proenza and Phillip Lim edition

By Roberta Correia · July 16, 2009

Back in Action...

By Roberta Correia · May 26, 2009

Ok ok ok, I know I've said this before and hopefully I won't say it again. It's been quite a stressful few weeks hence the disappearing act, but promise I'm back now and better than ever...tee hee. 

So what better way to come back from the dead then with a little morning ode to Rachel Bilson. I love me some weekend shopping, especially you know when it's summer and all, and it's nice to know that RBils and I have so much in common. The petite InStyle editor was out shopping and airporting this weekend and looking adorable as ever. Though I am a bit concerned that Rachel's recent run in with some thieves has left her a bit somber - she's been opting for a mix of black and white with absolutely no color. Did they take all the colorful and print items from her closet? Let's hope not. Even in black and white Rachel is our style muse and I would trade closets with her in a second!

Rachel did mix in her favorite pom pom scarf (check out her InStyle column from the May issue for more) for a little color, but we would still like to see Rachel in more florals this Summer, but we understand that one's wardrobe reflects their state of mind, hope you feel better soon Rachel!!

Wanna steal Rachel's style? See a little helpful tip after the jump...

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weekly roundup...vote for last week's favorite!

By Roberta Correia · May 11, 2009

Of course, last week was all about the MET Gala, so now it's time to vote for your favorite! 

the greatest night in fashion...

By Roberta Correia · May 5, 2009

Forget the Oscars, Golden Globes and Emmy's...the MET Costume Institute Gala is the place to be for the most fashionable red carpet looks.

Hosted by Marc Jacobs, Kate Moss and Justin Timberlake, this year's "Model as Muse" Gala has to be the most style filled event of the year.

From glam ball gowns to mini sequin dresses, to some serious disasters (we'll get to that next), the red carpet was a who's who of fashion and Hollywood. 

Oh and did I mention models? Sure most fashion events bring out loads of the slender and tall fashionistas, but with the Model as Muse theme, it was like a model safari - even bringing out our early 90s favorites Cindy Crawford, Paulina Poriskova and Claudia Schiffer. It's like the George Michael Freedom video all over again. 

So here go the best of the best...stay tuned for the Oh No moments, trust me there were quite a few...

That's my girl...

By robicor · April 22, 2009

It's Only Fashion favorite Rachel Bilson's got herself a brand new gig. 

The always perfectly fashionable starlet will be a fashion editor for InStyle as of the May issue. Can we say HURRAY???? It's like the fashion gods have finally answered our prayers - style advice from the most adorably dressed star! 

With a monthly column called "Ask Rachel" where readers send in their most dire fashion emergencies to be rescued by soon to be Mrs. Christensen herself. You know It's Only Fashion will be sending in our questions on the regular...I just can't wait to see what RBils comes up with! 

Send in your fashion queries to Summer Roberts at: instyle.com/askrachel



Fashion Week How I love thee, let me count the ways...

By Roberta Correia · February 19, 2009

Just when you thought it was safe to walk by Bryant Park again...here comes Fashion Week.

What can I say, it's a love hate relationship that's developed over a few seasons of endless envelope stuffing nights, list making and seat chart coordination mixed with the nervous day of show anxiety and final sigh of relief when everyone takes their seat and the first model hits the runway. 

Everyone’s pre-fashion week tensions seemed unusually high this season with the added bonus of recession anxiety all around. I almost started to believe that Fall Winter 2009 Fashion Week was going to be quite subdued and somber.

I was wrong.

Parties, glamour, the very highest end of fashion and a who’s who of fashionistas worldwide… Needless to say the usual bevy of celebrities were afoot.

Now, Fashion Week is technically not over until tomorrow but I figured with my tardiness and this much ground to cover it’s time to get started. I’m not resting until Saturday. 

So much fashion so little time...

By Roberta Correia · February 8, 2009

Another crazy week. Sorry for the lack of postings this week but fashion week beckons yet again. 

As per usual loving Angelina Jolie in some not so basic black and Camilla Belle's very youthful choices. 

And between Isla Fisher, Rihanna and Ginnifer Goodwin - it's hard to say who worked out the red carpet the most this week promoting their movies/grammy's. 

Love Mrs. Borat and Ginnifer Goodwin (especially after just getting home from He's Just Not That Into You) sad about her and Oz though. Oh and as per usual it's lovely to see RBils out and about.

What do you think???

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