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the people have chosen...they chose, poorly.

By Roberta Correia · January 6, 2011

Well, that didn't go so well did it? I was all sorts of excited for my grand return to the world of celebrity fashion blogging and counted The People's Choice Award as my first hurrah. I'm completely and utterly underwhelmed. Anyone else?

What a painfully boring red carpet. Where were the Glee girls? Where were Diane Kruger and Pacey Whitter? Where was anyone else besides the Kardashians and Taylor Swift? And so much J. Mendel it's safe to say the brand is the official spokesperson of celeb cocktail dress chic?

Ok, ok... maybe I go too far. Yes Jennifer Aniston was there - and Leighton Meester and Mila Kunis and Natalie Portman. But their sartorial choices did not make up for the lackluster red carpet. It was all nude basic colors in short cocktail dresses. For once I'm glad for the likes of Kristen Stewart and Katy Perry for injecting a little life into this Awards season kickoff.

Let's read on for what I liked, disliked and was just plain bored out of my head by at The People's Choice Awards.

vanity fairest: after the show it's the after party...

By Roberta Correia · March 9, 2010

a little bit more glitz, glam and fun at the Vanity Fair Oscar after party.

daily style: the valentine's day premiere edition...

By Roberta Correia · February 11, 2010

Weekly Roundup...Vote for your favorite!

By Roberta Correia · January 25, 2009



It's Only Fashion Teen...

By Roberta Correia · January 19, 2009

Ok so things weren't all Golden Globes all week, like I said, some serious post Globes fashion efforts - mostly of the Teen variety. 


Selena Gomez (did anyone else catch Another Cinderella Story on ABC Family or am I the only dork over 15 who tuned in?) and Emma Roberts both attended the L.A. premiere of Hotel for Dogs. I know, I know...why should Hotel for Dogs attract attention worthy fashions? 

Well both of these uber fashionistas in training rocked amazing monochromatic ensembles that could have easily been seen on the likes of Emma's famous aunt. 

Selena chose BCBG while Emma paired Chloe and Helmut Lang. Seriously? Is it me or did this kind of styling not happen to Jennie Garth and Shannen Doherty when they were mid-rise to fame?

In any case, the two teen queens looked amazing all in shiny white. 


weekly roundup...vote!

By robicor · December 14, 2008



There were some outstanding looks on the red carpet this week. We keep going on the premiere circuit of Twilight and the beginning of what's sure to be a grueling promotional tour for Benjamin Button.

The top 5 were an easy choice this week...but picking between Diane Kruger's funky throwback to old school in Chanel and Keri Russell's angelic turn in Givenchy was just impossible.

Oh and then there was Emma Roberts, out of nowhere in an amazing Chanel navy lace dress. 

What do you think? Who had the best look this week?

pretty woman part deux

By robicor · December 13, 2008

Emma Roberts (niece of Julia) looked flawless in a navy Chanel dress at the premiere of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Who would have ever thought that Eric Roberts would produce a fashionista daughter? 

Apparently she was born in 1991...and the fact that i'm starting to covet the wardrobe of someone who was born in the 90s rather than someone who starred on a hit tv show in the 90s is scaring me. 


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