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so much fashion, so little time: natalie, demi, blake and more...

By Roberta Correia · January 12, 2011

daily style: one shoulder vs. another...

By Roberta Correia · January 12, 2011

This post was put on a little hiatus due to a severe case of indecisiveness. See, I just couldn't wrap my head around how I felt about Nicole's velvety Emilio Pucci one armed dress (by the way that made me say One Eyed Willy in my head).

Harlow's mom chose a very Bohemian intricately printed purple velvet dress to celebrate her Lucky Mag cover in LA this week. Now as much as velvet and I hate each other I had a hard time dismissing this look completely. I started thinking that this was the type of thing hippie and mod chicks from the 60s would have worn. If she had clicked in some super straight long extensions with some Jane Birkin-esque bangs, I would've had no doubt about it. But the short wavy hair was a little too common place for such an interesting dress. For now I'm voting "like" but who knows where my head will be at the end of the day, I'll let you know if I suddenly switch gears.

More one shouldered fantasticness after the jump! more, more, more...

daily style: rachel bilson in a sleeping bag...

By Roberta Correia · January 11, 2011

Another day, another Armageddon style snow storm headed our way. Which means we can forget about looking anywhere near remotely cute for the next couple of days.

See how Rachel Bilson managed to juggle cuteness, comfort and style after the jump.

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daily style: zoe saldana...

By Roberta Correia · January 10, 2011

Zoe Saldana in J.MendelI love it when I'm so right it's scary. What did I say about J.Mendel becoming the official cocktail chic designer of this Awards season? Low and behold the designer paired up with Audi this weekend to host a little shindig kicking off Golden Globes week.

Among the sea of lovely B-listers (we won't name names) that was the red carpet of this event, we spotted It's Only Fashion favorite Zoe Saldana.

As per usual Zoe was her elegant graceful self in a grey silverish J.Mendel cocktail frock. Nice and simple, classy and understated - just how we like it.

Now I could go on about how much I adore Zoe and how it's been pretty awesome to see her go from Center Stage (the real Black Swan) to uber fashionista, but I won't.


super trends*: ladies in red...

By Roberta Correia · August 24, 2010


Holy red carpet batman!! Is it me or has the red carpet been extremely, um, red, lately? Seems some of our favorite fashionistas are trading the LBD for the LRD. Dare I say it? Red is the new black?...

more, more, more...

daily style: the eternal showdown...

By Roberta Correia · August 18, 2010

Ok, ok, yet another long absence, yet another long list of excuses, none of which I'll bore you with. Instead, I'll just offer you a showdown of epic proportions to make amends. A fashion face-off between Angelina and Jen is like the eternal struggle between good and evil, Darth Vader/Luke Skywalker, Jack/Locke, Danny Zuko and that dude he races in Thunder Road, Brenda and Kelly if you will. The former and current Mrs. Pitts both premiered movies on the same day this week. Angie with Salt in London and Jen with The Switch in LALA land. While Saint Angelina went for flowy, ethereal goddess - a very big change for the generally black clad Jolie - in silver Amanda Wakeley; girl next door Jen was showing off her  yoga'd physique in a two toned Lanvin.

Jen plays it nice and safe as per usual, going for universally flattering shapes and neutral tones - not to say the dress isn't lovely, she just looks like usual straight haired Rachel Greene. Like I said, playing it safe, she looks nice but nothing special.

Angie is for once channeling angelic sainthood. Now don't get me wrong, I love dominatrix Angie as much as the next gal, but seeing her looking so mother earth-like is just appropriate isn't it? A few gripes: Unlike Jen's figure hugging number, Angelina's is a big shapeless glittery sack. Not that I don't love that, but i wish it had been better tailored for her figure. Also, and this has been bothering me for months, there's something about that hair which is making me completely nuts - I think it might be how the bangs curl just slightly under, very 1980s, very old ladyish. Then again, where Jen sticks with her modern signature sleek do, Angelina always likes to do something that looks sophisticated, for a 70 year old. Get a straightening iron girl.

What do you guys think? Team Jolie or Team Aniston? Eh, at least Brad has a type - a slightly boring red carpet walker. Sidenote, I really want to see The Switch, well just because I have an eternal love of Michael Blooth.


weekly style: a week's worth of kate bosworth cool...

By Roberta Correia · July 22, 2010

Is there a better most fabulously cool and stylish starlet to take a cue from this summer than Kate Bosworth? Kate's had quite the fashionable couple of weeks and some of her looks are down right covetable and actually quite easy to knock off... Let this serve as our week's worth of style inspiration - at least 5 perfect outfits to get you through your weekly fashion needs!

it's a walk off, it's a walk off... kate bosworth vs...ME in topshop...

By Roberta Correia · May 25, 2010

Imagine my shock and awe when I came across this pic of the lovely Kate Bosworth walking around NYC last week. Not only have I been way too obsessed with the oversized "boyfriend" button down trend lately and was happy to see I'm not the only one, but Kate's wearing the EXACT same shirt I had worn a week earlier in an attempt to perfect this trend for a dinner out with my most favorite ex co-workers. Somehow I managed to wear the same item as one of the undeniably best dressed celebs out there even before she wore it!

Let's just start off by acknowledging the cool factor of our (mine and Kate's obv) mutual Topshop shirt.

Needless to say I didn't come anywhere near close to Kate's chicness with this look. First off her blonde hair did more for the taupe color than my very dark curly hair. Second of all she paired it with skinny jeans which kept it lighter, while I paired it with black skinny pants and a fair isle sweater (it was one of those unexpectedly cold days we've had in NYC lately).

First Camilla Belle, now this. My celebrity dressing 6th sense is really on a roll.

Get mine and Kate's look after the jump. more, more, more...

daily style: classy broads...

By Roberta Correia · May 7, 2010

Author and contributing editor for all of fashion, Mr. Derek Blasberg held a rather classy to do for his new handbook on how to live life with class (and no doubt soon to be NY Times Bestseller) - Classy: Exceptional Advice for the Extremely Modern Woman. After launching the book at Barney's in NYC with the likes of Chloe Sevigny, Blasberg took his new book out west to celebrate with even more famous people at the Missoni boutique last night.

Kate Bosworth, Nicole Richie, Mischa Barton and Margherita Missoni were all in attendance and exceptionally fashionable. Yes, I said Mischa Barton.

Pick up your copy of Classy and start being, well - Classy at amazon.com

weekly style: gwyneth paltrow...

By Roberta Correia · May 6, 2010


It's no secret we go totally nuts almost every time Gwyneth Paltrow leaves her house. There's something about the Coldplay loving, haircut inspiring (no really, start counting how many girls you see a day with a long bob who's front is way longer than its back), Shakespeare in Love star that makes us just admire the crap out of her seemingly together perfection. She'll always be the girl in high school that's way too cool and impeccably dressed but who seemed like she just threw on that leather jacket without a care in the world. Sure she's got a tad of pretension to her, but wouldn't you be a little pretentious if your godfather was Steven Spielberg and your best friends were Madonna and Stella McCartney? Anyone? Pretensions aside I'll never forget how much I wanted her Sliding Doors haircut back in the day and her white barely there slip of a Calvin Klein dress at the Oscars with Brad Pitt. Now that was a couple am I right? Sorry Brangeloonies. I digress...

Point is, Gwyneth has been taking her Tracy Anderson toned legs out for a long walk while on her Iron Man 2 promotional tour, and I'm loving every single second of it. Shorts, mini dresses, elegant sheaths, a crazy cool cropped black leather jacket and sophisticated gowns to boot. And all just in the past week. Whether you like GOOP or not (we do), take a look at the looks that had us crowning Gwyneth this week's most stylish star.

PS - She's clearly in NYC and was strangely absent from the MET Gala. Weird.

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