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daily style: gwyneth does perfect...

By Roberta Correia · January 7, 2011

Does Gwyneth Paltrow ever tire of her own perfection? Apparently not.

As she makes her way through the talk show circuit promoting Country Strong (yes I am excited to see it, whatever), Gwynnie's already made a slew of interesting fashion choices. And by interesting I mean wearable and cool. While she openly talks about drinking Bloody Mary's every morning (she's so Method) to get under the skin of her boozing ex-Country star character, Gwyneth continues to be (well at least dress like) the coolest girl in school.

As if getting that Cee-lo song stuck in my head for three days wasn't enough, Gwyneth insists on messing with me. On the early show princess Gwynnie wore a suede Tory Burch dress that could only be described as utterly awesome (and I'm not even the biggest Tory Burch fan) and now I must have it, or something similar to it. I can't get it out of my head (Kylie Minogue).

Leave it to Gwyneth to then wear a stunning mini dress from very cool under the radar French brand Carven. The Cobalt silk tie front dress is just the kind of thing you'd want to wear if your legs looked like Gwyneth's and you were promoting a movie.

We look forward to many more envy-inspiring looks from Mrs. Martin as she continues on the self indulgent path of driving ticket sales.

posted by Super Sleuth

i'm seeing country strong tomorrow, i'm not ashamed to say it

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