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desperately seeking...

By robicor · September 26, 2008

I've never been one to get cold..ever. I'm the girl who is wearing flip flops if the weather goes above 50...and going out without no coat in 40 degree weather. For some reason this week has found me freezing my little Brazilian butt off. I've been wearing boots, tights, cashmere sweaters etc etc... So this has me thinking about upgrading my wardrobe (especially with the ice cold pouring rain outside today) and checking out everything out there that will keep me warm for the following months (the idea that fall is actually happening has finally set in!)... 

I'm thinking my fall look will be dark chocolate brown boots, lots of layers - tights, chiffon floral dresses, boyfriend cardigans and lightweight coats (in case the over heating sickness sets back in!)

who Cares It's Only Fashion...fall trends

By robicor · September 25, 2008

Could i be more obsessed with the way Rachel Bilson dresses? I dont think it's possible. 

So while Gwyneth gets our red carpet look of the day - I give Rachel the overall cuteness award of the day. 

She's perfectly casual while still put together, looks ideal for a shopping trip in Los Angeles. 

Let's also mention she looks fall trend perfect in her floaty floral blouse and mary janes. 


Indian Summer

By robicor · September 25, 2008

I have to say that if I could revolve every fashion post around Rachel Bilson or Nicole Richie I would be a happy person. I'm such a big fan of the easy (at least seamingly) effortless California cool style these two embody. So when searching for my favorite looks of the summer I couldn't help but include at least two of their great looks... Now that the weather is crisp, it's clearly fall, so before I dive straight into fall trends and looks, let's take a look back at some of the cutest outfits of the summer, and dream of more sunny days to come next year! 

With waistlines climbing even higher, and gladiator sandals on the loose - this summer was a bevy of fun trends that made getting dressed in the morning a little less boring. With Ikat prints and the return of the much missed Boho style (look at Sienna back in all her home wrecking glory), we are stoked to see what these girls will be wearing this fall (bring the boho back!!!)... 

With an attitude that says - who cares? it's only fashion...

By robicor · July 23, 2008

How cute is Amanda Peet? Have loved her since she was in one of my favorite movies "She's the One" (love that Ed Burns) and of course one of those fantastic yet so painfully cursed one season greats - "Jack & Jill." How good was that show? I'm still devastated they cancelled it. Well soon we can see Amanda in the new X-Files movie, X Files 2? Sorry I'm a snob but I never gave X-Files much of a chance, though David Duchovny rules. I know I know. Anyway, here's Amanda showing off her stylist's best work on the Tonight Show. 

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Something in the way she moves...

By robicor · July 23, 2008


I recently finished Pattie Boyd's autobiography "Wonderful Tonight?". I'm a life long Beatles crazed fanatic and remember the very first time I watched "A Hard Day's Night" and thought, that poor girl only had one line - she just sat there, looking rather dim witted and asked "Prisoners?"
I was later explained, by my friend Holly - also a life long Beatles fan - that that was Pattie Boyd, George Harrison's wife, who then left him for Eric Clapton after he wrote Layla about her. Immediately needed to know more about her...of course George was my favorite, for his deep Liverpool accent, his seemingly shy demeanor and sly sarcasm. 
Little did I know at the time that Pattie Boyd was an icon of the 60s rock and roll culture, one of the original British it girls - with style that inspired and enraged a generation of Beatles maniacs around the world.  Her blond bangs and Mary Quant mini skirts inspired even the most quintessential 60s Brit chick - Twiggy - and she graced the covers of Vogues all over the world. 
That being said, it's no wonder that you can see some of Pattie's irreverence in today's It Girls from the UK...Sienna Miller anyone? 
Check out Pattie's iconic early 60s style... after all she looks Wonderful Tonight...



With an attitude that says - who cares? it's only fashion...

By robicor · July 22, 2008

Figured I'd start my very first fashion posting with one of the afore mentioned favorites- Rachel Bilson, R-Bils.  I've been a huge fan of Rachel's style for years and have to say i've definitely used some of her looks as inspiration. She always comes off effortlessly adorable and recently really sophisticated, but like she's not trying too hard (one of my biggest pet peeves) - she's just naturally cute. She very rarely breaks the boundaries of overly trendy - ok a couple of times but no one is perfect. 

Here's little Rachel wearing a Mayle dress while running errands in LA.  She looks camera ready and yet like she doesn't care... tough life being a celebrity, always having to look great while looking like you don't care. Anyway, saw this look and thought it worked perfectly as my first "look of the day"... after all nothing quite gets me like a hippie dress, flats and a high ponytail. And love the raybans.

image courtesy of popsugar.com

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"I have a bad feeling about this..."

By robicor · July 22, 2008

So I figure it's about time to jump on this little bandwagon. After all is there a bandwagon I haven't jumped on? After months of contemplation, today I decided it was about damn time I start my own blog. Ok, I decided it like 3 days ago but procrastinated posting until now. Much like most people my age (which at this point I'm not ready to disclose, suffice it to say I'm starting to feel old and a lot of my early 90s references go unnoticed) I've turned procrastination into this sort of art form, thinking of extremely creative ways to put off things like the gym, bill paying and real work. But I try to find healthy ways to procrastinate, like online shopping and watching the same episode of How I Met Your Mother 4 times (no, not the one with Britney Spears). 

I guess I'll take this opportunity to welcome you and introduce myself. I'm sure you're stoked because let's face it, the world really needs another late 20's girl living in New York thinking she's Carrie Bradshaw or the next popsugar (hope you picked up my sarcasm b/c I was laying it on pretty thick). My name is Robi and I'm an incredibly neurotic, obsessive compulsive, highly educated, know-it-all (as i've recently been told). I also like to think of myself as one of the top authorities on all things pop culture. You know that "Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon" game? I'm pretty sure I invented it. I can spout random movie & tv trivia and probably know the name and filmography of every person who's guest starred on 90210. It's that kind of random useless fact memorizing that always caused my father to tell me that I really should use my powers for good. I've decided that he meant i should start a an all random pop culture all the time blog. Yeah, that's definitely using my powers for good. 

Ok so here we go - if you ever wanted a place where you can learn that Tate Donovan was not only Jimmy Cooper on the OC but he was also engaged to Jennifer Aniston and starred in Love Potion No 9 with Sandra Bullock... this is it. I'll probably also swoon over Nicole Richie & Rachel Bilson's cute outfits on a regular basis, like I said - Obsessive compulsive. 

Oh, I also love star wars and my favorite movie growing up was grease 2. 

Yeah I'm a loser. Get ready. 

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