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daily style: angelina's salt style...

By Roberta Correia · July 20, 2010


Not that I wasn't beyond thrilled to see Brangie on the red carpet last night for the premiere of Salt, but something about this whole promo tour really has me irked. Mainly the fact that there was no promo tour. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Angelina Jolie's "Salt" promotional tour wardrobe. Not much to work with now is it? A few weeks ago she started out posing at a photocall in Mexico wearing a gorgeous white Versace strapless mini dress. And now, many moons later we get the second installment of Angie's Salt wardrobe - a black strapless sequined Emporio Armani mini dress.

Again, don't get me wrong, it's always nice to see the saintly couple strolling down that red carpet like they are Hollywood royalty - but I was disappointed. I expected more from our drop dead Angie - especially considering this is all we've gotten so far, and our Angie red carpet sightings are few and far between. Even Kristen Stewart gave us at least 10 pretty dresses to look at promoting Eclipse. Does this mean Salt's not being all that promoted because it isn't all that good? Because that would be disappointing too.

Thoughts on Angie's Salt style, or lack thereof?

so much fashion, so little time...

By Roberta Correia · July 16, 2010

apparently this is what happened in red carpet fashion this week.

though I have to admit my favorite part of the ESPY's was not the stylish ladies of Hollywood walking the red carpet...

hey boys from the US soccer team - we missed you! They clean up nice don't they? (but Bocanegra, next time get yourself some black shoes or a stylist)

chanel, chanel, chanel...

By Roberta Correia · July 8, 2010

S & B & well I guess Little J, continue showing off their high fashion know how by sitting ring side at the hottest couture shows in Paris. Les Gossip Girls and Jessica Alba touched down at the Chanel show yesterday, showing off very different, yet all very covetable, Chanel looks (obv).

Blake Lively continues her adorable French tour in a very bohemian Chanel resort dress. Isn't it fabulous? Don't you just want to wear that dress to your next Haute Couture fashion show? Or every day? And it's not too tight nor too short, it's just right! Has she finally found her inner Goldilocks?

On to Jess Alba, who also did her best to go have us all going "awwww" but didn't quite do it for me. The dress is great no question, but the choice of footwear is just not working for me. Clearly it's meant to contrast with the frock's peasant girl thing, but the peep toe weaved booties just make it look mismatched and weird. Am I wron?

Far from awwwww was apparent bad girl Leighton Meester. B was all sorts of rocker chic in some form of long sleeved black leather number which just has me thinking "ugh that looks hot" - no I don't mean sexy, I mean warm as in the fires of Mordor. Is it 100 degrees where you guys are? Because it's 100 degrees here and I just, blurgh can't even look at those long sleeves without feeling suffocated.

My vote is clearly with Blake Lively. I can't believe I'm saying this but she actually looks sweet and angelic!! What's going on with the world??

fashion election day: theory style-off...

By Roberta Correia · July 8, 2010

What better way to kick offthe weekend (no seriously don't weekends start on Thursday during the summer time? No? Is it just me? Ok) than with a little stylish voting. Remember way back when Theory announced that all of these fantastically fabulous stylists would be styling their Spring lookbooks/ad campaigns etc? No? Well let me refresh your memory. The brand favored by many a stylish girl enlisted the help of the likes of Annabel Tollman, Kate Young (my personal favorite stylist who's worked with Natalie Portman and Michelle Williams for a while), Tina Chai, Isabel Dupre, Dani Stahl, Susan Joy (one of the loveliest people ever) and a slew of others to give the brand a very hip edge. It worked. Awesomely.

Now the "Fashion Insider" challenge has gone to new lenghts - Theory's introducing their "Style-Off" where three of the industry's top stylists are going head to head and creating three unique looks in this style challege. It's like Top Chef - but for styling. Annabel Tollman (who has worked with Scarlett Johansson, Jessica Simpson, Cynthia Nixon), J. Errico (Fashion Director at NYLON who has worked with Alicia Keys, Kanye West, Sienna Miller) and Dani Stahl (Style Director at NYLON and jewelry designer for Lia Sophia) are the lucky three who get to face off in this first Style Off. Here's the catch: one look must involve a sweatshirt, one a pair of shorts, and another an item from Theory's summer jersey capsule collection. And who picks the winner? Why that's easy - you do!! Head over to Theory's Facebook page before 2pm on Friday July 9th and vote on your favorite set of looks.

The winning trio of looks will be announced on July 10th at a special VIP celebration in East Hampton (and on July 12th on Facebook), and the winning stylist will have $2,500 donated to the charity of their choice.  Annabel Tollman will be competing on behalf of OXFAM America, J. Errico is representing the Hetrick-Martin Institute and Dani Stahl for Animal Rescue Fund of the Hamptons.

So don't forget to stop by Theory on Facebook and vote. Come on, it's for a good cause!

it's a walk off, it's a walk off...the ultimate...

By Roberta Correia · July 6, 2010

Is it me or are style goddesses Gwyneth and Miss Moss committing the ultimate fashion sin? Seems KM liked the very sexy one shouldered dress GP rocked to the Ralph Lauren Wimbledon party that she chose an eerily similar little number for the unveiling of Mario Testino's exhibit in her honor, Kate Who? Kate the Great feted herself in style in the one shouldered LBD, adding uber high pointy toed stilettos, her signature smokey eye and some serious party time hair. Meanwhile Gwynnie went on a more casual route with hers pairing it with brown gladiators, a long pendant and hair definitely less likely to party.

Who do you think perfected the one shouldered LBD? Vote after the break...

more, more, more...

daily style: dior darlings...

By Roberta Correia · July 6, 2010

It's very tough to say who's doing their best "lady-who-lunches after taking in a couture fashion show" impression at the Dior F/W 2010 Couture show yesterday. Former Vogue cover girl Blake Lively, seated next to La Wintour herself, deviated from her usual va-va-voom bombshell look for something a little bit more ladylike. Though the hair still had that "I just banged Nate in the kitchen" Serena oomph.

Meanwhile, doting mom Jessica Alba went summer time sweet in an airy strapless floral. Sort of a modern Betty Draper no?

Who gets your most fab at Dior vote?

desperately seeking: 4th of july weekend...

By Roberta Correia · July 1, 2010

Nothing like 4th of July weekend shopping to bring out my inner "Preppy." I only capitalize it because I mean it in the Slater's nickname for Zack way.

With a weekend in the capital of prep (aka Nantucket) ahead of me, I figured it was about time to add some New England charm to my Bohemian chic. With just a smidgen of "Gidget" mixed in for the perfect 60s surfer girl summer.

Like the last minute holiday planner that I am, I narrowed it down to a few decisive items that will make all the difference on my pseudo prepster weekend. Happy Birthday America!

1. Can't completely let go of my inner hippie now can I? Velvet Kiki Shadow Tie Dye Tank Dress. $129. at revolveclothing.com

2. Stepping off the ferry with the perfect bag is a necessity. J. Crew Canvas Overnight Bag. $36.50. at <a href "http://www.jcrew.com/AST/Browse/WomenBrowse/Women_Shop_By_Category/bags/fabricbags/PRDOVR~23302/23302.jsp">jcrew.com</a>

3. Gidget personified. Delia's Hearts Bandeau and Hipster. $22.50 each. At delias.com

4. Ideal for those late night clambakes, no? Wildfox Couture Malibu Girl Baggy Beach Sweatshirt. $108. at urbanoutfitters.com

5. SPF 30, keratin, ginseng, cashmere protein, wheatgrass and a multitiude of other powerful sounding ingredients promise maximum sun coverage with the added bonus of skin detox, toning and firming. Very much worth its high price tag. Sunday Riley Cashmere SPF 30. $125. at barneys.com

6. It's not 4th of July without boating shoes now is it?? Sperry Top-Sider. $74. at nordstrom.com

monthly style: eclipse madness...

By Roberta Correia · June 29, 2010

Should we just skip the pleasantries and get right down to business? No? Ok. Well I'm sorry for the MIA-ness yet again but things have been a bit crazed round these parts. But as I've said before, excuses, excuses... guess I'll just say: Oops, my bad. Yes it's been a few weeks and yes I've missed you, have you missed me???

I think that's enough of that isn't it? Let's move on.

So little Miss Kristen "I'm too cool to stand up straight on the red carpet" Stewart has been really doing the rounds the past few weeks. I don't know if you guys know but there's this little movie coming out tomorrow that you might be interested in. It's called Eclipse and it's about vampires and werewolves etc. Oh, you've heard about it already? Sorry guess I'm really behind. (I hope you are all catching on to my sarcasm b/c I'm laying it on pretty thick). Anywho, KStew has been all over the world promoting what will no doubt be the summer's biggest movie and something about her red carpet presence caught my eye along the way. Yes the rebel with no cause is still there, and yes she still has that whole "I like to wear black" thing going on, but I have to give credit where credit is due. Kristen and her stylist, Tara Swennen, have finally honed in on Kristen's ideal red carpet look. It's a mix of rock-rebel-chic with modern-futuristic body con and a little designer sophistication. All minis, all the time. Most of them wicked tight and a mix of strapless, one shouldered and long sleeved. Like I said, credit where credit is due. I've also noticed a little something else - Kristen's been smiling a lot more and developed a nice little LC style red carpet pose. Let's hope she keeps it going...

Check the gallery for a complete look at Kristen Stewart's Eclipse red carpet style. Trust me, you'll be amazed.

delayed reaction: tony, toni, tone...

By Roberta Correia · June 16, 2010

desperately seeking: world cup gear...

By Roberta Correia · June 11, 2010

Let the madness begin!! Today is the day soccer fans the world over have been anxiously awaiting for four years. And like all my fellow Brazilians this is my month to cry, scream and feel such emotion that my little heart can't possibly contain it. Futebol, excuse me soccer, is life. I bleed yellow, green and blue, especially during world cup times.

But of course as a fashion loving footballer, I concern myself with finding the appropriate World Cup wear. Like Victoria Beckham before me, I must find the appropriate mix of fashion, frenzy and cool when picking the perfect game watching look. Now believe me I do have many lucky jerseys from world cups past, but there's always room for more.

I'm biased so I only check out the Brazil gear, aren't our colors just oh so pretty? Ok, ok, ok...these all come in your home country's colors too.

Check out my top World Cup watching wear picks after the jump...more, more, more...

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