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nyfw day 2: a few of my favorite things...

By Roberta Correia · September 10, 2010

Day 2 and a little bit more color mixed in with those now ubiquitous neutrals. The LWD is proving to be the reigning force of the season and here's hoping things stay that way. Also nice to see a little bit of that oh so talked about regatta blue, and let's just discuss that everything at Vena Cava is to die for. The most perfect slinky silky thin 70s dressing. Turbans and all. Memphis movement color blocking, some lovely rust colors, silk shorts and wait for it... wait for it... a baja. Ok, maybe they didn't mean for it to be a baja, or maybe they are just that genius - but that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Enjoy my favorite things from Day 2 of NYFW. What trends are you seeing so far? Summer leather? Shorts suits?

nyfw day 1: a few of my favorite things...

By Roberta Correia · September 9, 2010

If day 1 of Fashion Week was any indication of what we'll be seeing all week - we're in for another season of fabulous neutrals. Minimalism is all over Spring/Summer 2011, and I personally couldn't be happier. Shades of white and beige were all over the collections of Organic by John Patrick (I would wear this whole collection all day, every day), Sachin and Babi for Ankasa and Williow. Neutrals came in the form of very very wide legged pants (Katherine Hepburn style), trench coats, white suits and even some in summer leather.

Unofficial day 1 got the week off to a good start...

FNO: The Show

By Roberta Correia · September 8, 2010

I'm guessing I wasn't the only one glued to cbs.com (and Andre Leon Talley's incessant babbling) last night circa 7pm was I? Fashion's Night Out is still a couple of days away but last night's Fashion's Night Out fashion show really got us in the NYFW/FNO mood. The absurdly over the top / dramatic/ mega spectacle was tauted the "biggest fashion show of all time" and it didn't disappoint. Gisele, Alessandra, Adriana, Karolina, Natalia, Coco, Chanel, Dree, Naomi etc, etc...basically every working model out there got off that double decker bus to strut her stuff on the circular runway.

What followed was an opulent and fabulous collection of every awe inspiring look from the FW2010 runways. Hoping to inspire a lot of FNO shopping Vogue editors and stylists Tabitha Simmons and Edward Enninful put together a showcase of the season's top trends according to Vogue. The show worked in 9 themes, in between the Opening Act and Grand Finale were Fifties Flair, Tartan Twist, Pure At Heart, Weekend Wrap-Up, Rock Chic, Go Global and Jazz Age Cool.

PS - I've settled on nomadic chic for my fall look - appropriate I think.


emmy's 2010: tv fun

By Roberta Correia · August 30, 2010

super trends*: ladies in red...

By Roberta Correia · August 24, 2010


Holy red carpet batman!! Is it me or has the red carpet been extremely, um, red, lately? Seems some of our favorite fashionistas are trading the LBD for the LRD. Dare I say it? Red is the new black?...

more, more, more...

daily style: the eternal showdown...

By Roberta Correia · August 18, 2010

Ok, ok, yet another long absence, yet another long list of excuses, none of which I'll bore you with. Instead, I'll just offer you a showdown of epic proportions to make amends. A fashion face-off between Angelina and Jen is like the eternal struggle between good and evil, Darth Vader/Luke Skywalker, Jack/Locke, Danny Zuko and that dude he races in Thunder Road, Brenda and Kelly if you will. The former and current Mrs. Pitts both premiered movies on the same day this week. Angie with Salt in London and Jen with The Switch in LALA land. While Saint Angelina went for flowy, ethereal goddess - a very big change for the generally black clad Jolie - in silver Amanda Wakeley; girl next door Jen was showing off her  yoga'd physique in a two toned Lanvin.

Jen plays it nice and safe as per usual, going for universally flattering shapes and neutral tones - not to say the dress isn't lovely, she just looks like usual straight haired Rachel Greene. Like I said, playing it safe, she looks nice but nothing special.

Angie is for once channeling angelic sainthood. Now don't get me wrong, I love dominatrix Angie as much as the next gal, but seeing her looking so mother earth-like is just appropriate isn't it? A few gripes: Unlike Jen's figure hugging number, Angelina's is a big shapeless glittery sack. Not that I don't love that, but i wish it had been better tailored for her figure. Also, and this has been bothering me for months, there's something about that hair which is making me completely nuts - I think it might be how the bangs curl just slightly under, very 1980s, very old ladyish. Then again, where Jen sticks with her modern signature sleek do, Angelina always likes to do something that looks sophisticated, for a 70 year old. Get a straightening iron girl.

What do you guys think? Team Jolie or Team Aniston? Eh, at least Brad has a type - a slightly boring red carpet walker. Sidenote, I really want to see The Switch, well just because I have an eternal love of Michael Blooth.


style challenge accepted!

By Roberta Correia · July 28, 2010

There's one thing I'm certain of in life - when you get invited to play dress up in one of the coolest vintage stores in NYC, you just don't say no. So as it happens, the lovely peeps over at Bright Young Things were kind enough to as me to participate in their style challenge. For those of you not familiar Bright Young Things is Eliza Starbuck's clothing line, that is made up of just one single Little Black Dress. Makes sense right? All a fashionista needs in life is one little black dress. With that in mind - Eliza designed the dress for her friend Sheena Matheiken's "Uniform Project." You guys remember that from last year right? Sheena wore the same little black dress every day for a year to raise money for charity, and showed that the most simple of looks can be turned into something so special and different with a little help from creative styling.

So now it was our turn to do the same. Bright Young Things invited a slew of fashion bloggers, myself included, to take on the little black dress style challenge last week.

The Challenge: Hit up fab vintage shop Cobblestones in the East Village, little black dress in tow, and create two looks using any items from the store and/or your own closet. Challenge accepted!

The Results: 10 fashion bloggers, 20 very different looks, an inordinate amount of fun playing dress up. Walking into Cobblestones was a bit overwhelming because of the incredible amount of beautiful vintage items they carry. I narrowed it down to two very distinct looks: one late 60's hippie girl (all courtesy of an authentic Kennedy campaign button) and one "hipster Betty Draper" (as my friend referred to it).

Check out my two looks and more about the Style Challenge after the jump...more, more, more...

it's only fitness: s factor...your medication miss hunt.

By Roberta Correia · July 23, 2010

So if I say the name Debbie Hunt, does that mean anything to you guys? No? Yes? Maybe? That's disappointing gang, I expected more from you.

For those of you who've never seen the poster child of grunge 90s classic Singles (one of my favorite movies of all time) I'll explain. Debbie Hunt = Sheila Kelley. Sheila Kelley = Debbie Hunt.

"come to debbie country..."

Now, why am I telling you this? I guess it just serves as a fun little trivia segway to talk about Sheila's amazing, body changing work out S Factor. Now many of you may not know this, but aside from celebrity fashion, random 90s trivia and an undying love of face wash - I'm also totally obsessed with working out. Well more specifically trying fun different types of work outs. And Sheila Kelley's S Factor fits right in.

More about sexy S Factor after the jump. more, more, more...

weekly style: a week's worth of kate bosworth cool...

By Roberta Correia · July 22, 2010

Is there a better most fabulously cool and stylish starlet to take a cue from this summer than Kate Bosworth? Kate's had quite the fashionable couple of weeks and some of her looks are down right covetable and actually quite easy to knock off... Let this serve as our week's worth of style inspiration - at least 5 perfect outfits to get you through your weekly fashion needs!

daily style: alexa chung dj's the mulberry pool party...

By Roberta Correia · July 21, 2010

There's only one thing to be said here: I will be purchasing a pink satin button down immediately.

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